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Virus en Divx 5.0.2 y5.0.3

  1. #1 Virus en Divx 5.0.2 y5.0.3 
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    Jan 2003
    Hola escribo esto para abisarles que el programa DivX 5.0.2 y 5.0.3 traen con ellos unos cuantos archivitos con SPYWARE si ya lo instalaron no se preocupen agan lo siguiente:
    Bajense el ad-ware (anti-spyware) y ejecutenlo y asi los encontrara y los eliminara facilmente.

    Bueno eso era todo espero que les sirva de algo


  2. #2 Vamos a puntualizar correctamente........... 
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    Apr 2002
    Manda Huevos! (como diria Trillo)

    Textualmente del 'Jargon File':
    virus n.

    [from the obvious analogy with biological viruses, via SF] A cracker program that searches out other programs and `infects' them by embedding a copy of itself in them, so that they become Trojan horses. When these programs are executed, the embedded virus is executed too, thus propagating the `infection'. This normally happens invisibly to the user. Unlike a worm, a virus cannot infect other computers without assistance. It is propagated by vectors such as humans trading programs with their friends (see SEX). The virus may do nothing but propagate itself and then allow the program to run normally. Usually, however, after propagating silently for a while, it starts doing things like writing cute messages on the terminal or playing strange tricks with the display (some viruses include nice display hacks). Many nasty viruses, written by particularly perversely minded crackers, do irreversible damage, like nuking all the user's files.

    In the 1990s, viruses became a serious problem, especially among Windows users; the lack of security on these machines enables viruses to spread easily, even infecting the operating system (Unix machines, by contrast, are immune to such attacks). The production of special anti-virus software has become an industry, and a number of exaggerated media reports have caused outbreaks of near hysteria among users; many lusers tend to blame everything that doesn't work as they had expected on virus attacks. Accordingly, this sense of `virus' has passed not only into techspeak but into also popular usage (where it is often incorrectly used to denote a worm or even a Trojan horse). See phage; compare back door; see also Unix conspiracy.
    spyware n.

    1. Software which, when installed by a user insufficiently enlightened to avoid it, enables third parties to snoop the user's hard drive or monitor their network transactions. Though the term seems to have entered use in the late 1990s, it achieved real popularity as applied to Microsoft Windows XP. Some back door features in XP permit Microsoft to (for example) covertly scan your disk directories for the names of files it might deem to be warez. 2. Systems for spying on email and web traffic, such as the FBI's Carnivore.
    Textualmente de 'whatis'

    Adware is any software application in which advertising banners are displayed while the program is running. The authors of these applications include additional code that delivers the ads, which can be viewed through pop-up windows or through a bar that appears on a computer screen. The justification for adware is that it helps recover programming development cost and helps to hold down the cost for the user.
    Adware has been criticized for occasionally including code that tracks a user's personal information and passes it on to third parties, without the user's authorization or knowledge. This practice has been dubbed spyware and has prompted an outcry from computer security and privacy advocates, including the Electronic Privacy Information Center.

    Noted privacy software expert Steve Gibson of Gibson Research explains: "Spyware is any software (that) employs a user's Internet connection in the background (the so-called 'backchannel') without their knowledge or explicit permission. Silent background use of an Internet 'backchannel' connection must be preceded by a complete and truthful disclosure of proposed backchannel usage, followed by the receipt of explicit, informed consent for such use. Any software communicating across the Internet absent of these elements is guilty of information theft and is properly and rightfully termed: Spyware."

    A number of software applications, including Ad-Aware and OptOut (by Gibson's company), are available as freeware to help computer users search for and remove suspected spyware programs.
    Creo que con eso queda bastante claro que adware no es un virus. Prosigamos por favor....

    Si te molestas en leer (haz el intento) lo que dice en su página, acerca de sus descargas: de las cuales hay 3. La DivX gratuita, la DivX Pro Gratuita (Adware) y la DivX Pro No Gratuita y voy a citar textualmente de su página:
    Cost: Free (Adware)
    Razones por las cuales:
    - No tienes ni idea de lo que estás hablando, por lo que no confundas virus con adware porque podrías confundir (personalmente lo dudo) a la gente.
    - No dices nada que no se sepa, no has descubierto nada, pues está bien clarito en su página, incluso con un enlace que lo explica detalladamente. Tú decides con cual de los tres 'paquetes' te haces, y te dice bien clarito lo que trae cada 'paquete'.
    - Nadie juzga la buena o mala voluntad de tu mensaje, pero es como si yo vengo a decir que la Tierra es redonda, que el agua del mar es salada, que Windows trae el Internet Explorer o que las nubes huelen a.... ¿a qué huelen las nubes?. Venga que de los errores se aprende.


    [ ] - Plataforma de información libre e independiente

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    Tampoco hace falta pasarse tio ;P
    Todos desean saber, pero pocos pagar el trabajo que vale.


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