Ya está disponible para descargar el número 21 de (IN)SECURE, una de las mejores revistas de seguridad (en inglés), para los que no la conozcan

Temas del nº 21:

- Malicious PDF: Get owned without opening
- Review: IronKey Personal
- Windows 7 security features: Building on Vista
- Web 2.0 emerging threats
- Using Wireshark to capture and analyze wireless traffic
- Q&A: Paul Cooke on Windows 7
- RSA Conference 2009
- Your applications are trying to tell you something - are you listening?
- Q&A: Hord Tipton on certification and (ISC)2
- "Unclonable" RFID - a technical overview
- The application security maturity (ASM) model
- Secure development principles
- Enterprise risk and compliance reporting
- Q&A: Ron Gula on Nessus and Tenable Network Security
- Infosecurity Europe 2009
- Establish your social media presence with security in mind
- HTTPS is bad?
- A historical perspective on the cybersecurity dilemma
- Q&A: Brent Huston on security in general, CEO challenges and Microsolved
- Black Hat Europe 2009
- Germany: The current debate on the Internet filter
- A risk-based, cost effective approach to holistic security

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