Own firmware based on Kyng - GDRGuy69


Original info GDRGuy69:

"I have made a first step on writing an own firmware for the Illusionsat M3.
The firmware is based on the Kyng firmware and has already some features of the Fujitsu API (FAPI). It contains a UNIX-like file system with mounted RAM disk and flash blocks. I can already see the files of the flash of a Kyng firmware. Furthermore the Fujitsu ARC MPEG Operating System (FAMOS) is integrated. Some threads are running, for example for the front panel **** of the M3. Also the timer system is running.

The firmware needs the IllusionToKyng bootloader installed and is transfered as every other Kyng file. After flashing it starts automatically and prints on the serial interface:
- filesystem initialization
- file list (like unix ls -lR)
- FAMOS thread statistics
- Memory statistics
After this a continuous timer output is shown.

If someone is interested in this firmware and its sources, please write me. I don't know where I could upload this file.