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    Buenas, en el foro de mocosoft me he encontrado con esto, que creo que puede ser de interes para alguno por aquí. Todavía no lo he bajado entero por lo que no esta testeado, pero como son enlaces a megaupload lo pongo ya por si los borran en breve.

    Si este no es el sitio correcto ruego lo movais.


    PD: Por los temas que se tratan podría ser un poco antiguo, pero creo que merece la pena echarle un ojo.

    Extraer el fichero y renombrar a ISO :
    Ethical hacking Tools (Tutorials with Toolz)

    Ethical hacker Tools (Tutorials and Toolz)

    Through this course students learn how intruders escalate privileges and what steps can be taken to secure a system. Students also learn about intrusion detection, policy creation, social engineering, DDoS attacks, buffer overflows, and virus creation. When students leave this intensive course, they will have hands-on understanding and experience in ethical hacking.

    Chapter 1 - Introduction to Ethical Hacking
    Chapter 2 - Footprinting
    Chapter 3 - Scanning
    Chapter 4 - Enumeration
    Chapter 5 - System Hacking
    Chapter 6 - Trojans and Backdoors
    Chapter 7 - Sniffers
    Chapter 8 - Denial of Service
    Chapter 9 - Social Engineering
    Chapter 10 - Session Hijacking
    Chapter 11 - Hacking Web Servers
    Chapter 12 - Web Application Vulnerabilities
    Chapter 13 - Web Based Password Cracking Techniques
    Chapter 14 - SQL Injection
    Chapter 15 - Hacking Wireless Networks
    Chapter 16 - Evading IDS, Firewalls and Honey Pots
    Chapter 17 - Linux Hacking
    Chapter 18 - Buffer Overflows
    Chapter 19 - Cryptography
    Chapter 20 - Virus and Worms
    Chapter 21 - Physical Security
    Chapter 22 - Penetration Testing


    Hacking Toolbox

    Backdoor: Intrude computer and control the computer with client program.
    Crack tool: Crack passwords of systems or applications, crack the serial numbers.
    Disassembler: Disassemble the program with it. If you have a executable file, you can look the source code of this file with it.
    DoS tool: Make computer stop to respond to any request with these tools, so other people can not access the computer.
    Document: Documents about hacker, cracker, etc.
    E-mail tool: Destroy the computer system using these tools, the tools are all related to e-mail. It includes several tools about e-mail, for example, email bomber, tool to find someone’s email address, etc.
    Editor: Edit or modify your program with them.
    Encryption & decryption tool: Encrypt files of almost any type using many strong cryptography algorithms.
    Executable file tool: Manipulate executable files with these tools, bind some executable files, split one executable file, etc. So, for example, you can add one executable file to another one.
    ICQ tool: Destroy the computer system using these tools, the tools are all related to ICQ. All programs in it work with ICQ. With the tools, you can do many things, for example, recovering ICQ’s password, sharing your files, and encrypting your ICQ messages, and so on.
    Keylogger: Record keystrokes when the program is running, so you can get some useful information, for example, password.
    MISC: Examine source code for security holes, hack games, and other interesting tools for both linux and windows.
    Packet forging: Modify the data packet on network at will.
    Phreak tool: Test the paging transmitters and systems, and so on, it includes box and wardialier.
    Scanner: Acquire the system information, for example, open ports, OS, and so on.
    Sniffer: Intercept and capture the data on the network.
    Snoop tool: Show information of your system. For example, it can show IP address of your computer, or it can show SCSI and ATAPI devices in your system, and so on.
    Source code: Source code of many tools.
    Spoof: Bypass an HTTP proxy, keep your connection active, creates fake credit card numbers, ip spoof, etc.
    Virus: Source code of virus and executable virus.


    1. Back Orifice: Tools about back orifice.
    2. Backdoor kit: Collection of many backdoor program.
    3. Backdoor source: Source of backdoor program.
    4. Minigift: Another backdoor program.
    5. Net spy: Allow you to gain control of another computer using the internet.
    6. Trojan: Control other people’s computer.

    Crack tool

    1. AMI Crack: Crack the Ami BIOS.
    2. AMI Decoder: Crack the password of ami BIOS.
    3. ARJ Cracker: Cracks password protected ARJ Files.
    4. AW: Crack the password of BIOS.
    5. Adv Office 2000 Password Recovery (pro): Crack the password.
    6. Adv Office 2000 Password Recovery (std): Crack the password.
    7. Advanced Archive Password Recovery: Crack the password of archive.
    8. Advanced Excel 2000 Password Recovery: A program to recover lost or forgotten passwords to files/documents created in Microsoft Excel.
    9. Advanced NT Security Explorer: An application for Windows NT/2000/XP system administrators for finding holes in system security.
    10. Advanced Outlook Express Password Recovery: Crack the outlook express password.
    11. Advanced PDF Password Recovery Pro: Crack the PDF password.
    12. Advanced Word 2000 Password Recovery: Crack the password of word 2000.
    13. Advanced ZIP Password Recovery: Crack the password of zip.
    14. Ami BIOS cracker: Crack password of ami BIOS.
    15. BIOS / CMOS tools: Crack the password of BIOS and CMOS.
    16. CryptoExplorer for Borland Paradox: Recover Borland Paradox passwords.
    17. Dictionary: Used by cracker to crack the password.
    18. Dictionary Maker: Makes dictionary files for password crackers.
    19. FBRUTE: Crack unix password.
    20. Hades cracker: Crack the password.
    21. John The Ripper: Crack unix password.
    22. Kill CMOS ver 1.00: Crack the password of CMOS.
    23. L0phtCrack 2.01: Recover passwords for Windows NT.
    24. Lilo crack: Crack password of lilo.
    25. Linux crack: Crack password on linux.
    26. Lotus 1-2-3 Password Recovery ***: 1-2-3 *** is a program to recover passwords for Lotus 1-2-3 documents.
    27. Lotus Word Pro Password Recovery ***: Recover Lotus Word Pro Password.
    28. MS Access Password Detection: Crack password of MS Access.
    29. Mac crack: Crack password on Mac.
    30. MailPassword: Recover lost password of e-mail.
    31. MakePwl: Create the PWL files.
    32. NtPassword: Find holes in system security.
    33. PGP Crack: Crack the PGP.
    34. PWLCRACK: Crack the PWL files.
    35. PalmCrack 1.1: The password testing tool for the Palm Computing Platform.
    36. Passware Kit: Recover the password.
    37. Password Recovery Tools: Recover some passwords.
    38. Password dictionaries: Used by cracker to crack the password.
    39. PwlTools: Recover login password.
    40. Quicken Password Recovery ***: Recover password.
    41. Register: Register the software.
    42. RemPass Ver 2.6: Crack password of BIOS.
    43. SERIALS 2000: Crack the register code.
    44. Serial number: Used by cracker to crack s/n.
    45. THC-CUPASS: Crack password of user on a WindowsNT/W2K server.
    46. THC-PrintDates: Crack password using date.
    47. Unix password crackers: Crack passwords for unix.
    48. Windows crack: Crack password on windows.
    49. Windows password crackers: Crack password on windows.
    50. Word List: Word dictionary.
    51. WordPerfect Password Recovery ***: Recover passwords for WordPerfect document files.
    52. Wzippwd: Creates valid serial number for Winzip.
    53. ZIP Cracker: Cracks ZIP Files that are password protected.
    54. iMesh Password Recovery: Recover a password installed in the iMesh client.
    55. variation tool: Prepare the word list used by cracker to crack password.


    1. ASMGEN: A program to generate cross-referenced assembly language code from any executable file.
    2. Bubble Chamber: Disassemble executable files.
    3. DoDi’s Visual Basic Tools: DoDi is a VB kit.
    4. PROVIEW: Analyze and view system.
    5. Windows Disassembler: Disassembe Windows executables and dynamic link libraries.

    DoS tool

    1. Black: Bomb someone’s computer with it.
    2. IGMP Nuker: Bomb other’s computer with this popular tool.
    3. Windows DoS kit: Attack computer systems with this useful tools.
    4. pagebomb: Bomb windows pager with this tool.
    5. windows95/98 patch: Patch you system in order to avoid attack by hackers.


    1. Article about hack: Introduce some knowledge about hack.
    2. Article about hacker: Tell you how to become a hacker.
    3. Articles about DoS: Describe what is DoS attack.
    4. Articles about crack: Teach you how to crack.
    5. Articles about programming: Introduce some knowledge about programming.
    6. Aticles about hack: Narrate some knowledge about hack.
    7. Books about hacking: Narrate some knowledge about hacking.
    8. Books about linux: Introduce information about linux.
    9. Books about network: Tell you knowledge about network.
    10. Books about programming: Introduce some knowledge about programming.
    11. Document about jargon: Tell you some about jargon.
    12. Document about pbx: Introduce some pbx knowledge.
    13. Document about phreaking: Introduce knowledge about phreaking.
    14. Other documents: Introduce you some information.
    15. Phrack Documents: Discuss some questions about phrack.
    16. The Trojans Removal Database: Describe a lot of Trojan programs.

    E-mail tool

    1. Anima: Bomb some others’ computers with this tool(e-mail bomber).
    2. Anonymous emailer: Send e-mail without being recognized.
    3. Bomber: Bomb someone’s e-mail box with it.
    4. E-mail bomber kit: Bomb some e-mail box with these tools.
    5. Euthanasia: Bomb other’s e-mail address with this tool.
    6. Extreme mailer: Bomb some victim’s e-mail address with it.
    7. Haktek: Use this program to attack your victim or protect yourself from being hacked.
    8. KaBoom!: Bomb other’s e-mail box.
    9. Mail Bomb: Bomb your victim by this e-mail bomber.
    10. News Mail Agent: Find any e-mail address in news groups.
    11. Quick Fyre: QuickFyre is an anonymous emailer \ mail bomber.
    12. Stealth Mailer: Send bombs to other people with this tool.
    13. Unabomb: Send people email bombs.
    14. Web Mail Agent: Find any e-mail address in the internet.


    1. HEXCALIBUR: Examining, modify or otherwise manipulate disk files in their raw, or binary format.
    2. HEXpert for Windows: Edit windows multi-format binary files.
    3. Hex Workshop: Edit, insert, delete, cut, copy, and paste hex to your files.
    4. Hexedit: Edit your raw files.
    5. Hiew: Dump NE-executable file and dump LE/LX-executable file.
    6. Script Hack Wizard: Allow you to hack or modify many language scripts with ease.
    7. Support Files: Add the necessary files that script hack wizard uses to run.

    Encryption & decryption tool

    1. Apocalypso: Crypto tool from HNC.
    2. Cryptonite Pro: Uses a superfast 64 bit encryption algorithm on Windows 95/98/Me.
    3. EasyFP: Performs file encryption to protect your files and folders from being read by others.
    4. Encryption: Encrypt your system information by four tools.
    5. Encryption tools: Collecting a huge munber of encryption and decryption tools.
    6. Encryptonite: Encrypt and decrypt text file with it easily.
    7. HTML Encrypt: Encrypt your HTML/Script program.
    8. Macintosh Encryption: Include various Macintosh encryption tools.
    9. NetMangler: Encrypt your emails and protect yourself with NetMangler.
    10. PC-Encrypt: Compress and encrypt almost any type of file.
    11. PGPfreeware: Protect your email form unauthorized view.
    12. WebPassword: Protect your web pages with password.
    13. WinSafe: Encrypt your files with some powerful algorithms.

    Executable file tool

    1. Bound File Detector & Remover: Detect bound file with this tool.
    2. Exe file tool: Manage the exe files with these tools.
    3. Fusion: Enable static, virtual or dynamic linking, with sophisticated version control when using dynamic linking.
    4. Multi Binder: Bind an unlimited number of files, of any EXE/BAT type.
    5. Newjoiner: Avoid av detection.
    6. PEBundle: Allow for DLLs or other files to be ??bundled?? with an executable file.
    7. Topo: Scan all sections in order to find large ‘usable’ areas.
    8. WinSplit: Split and join files with this tool.
    9. inPEct: Bind 2 executables in one.
    10. inPEct source code: Bind 2 executables in one.

    ICQ tool

    1. Advanced ICQ Password Recovery: Recover passwords to ICQ accounts.
    2. Aquila: Recover your passwords with it.
    3. ICQ Document: There are two documents about ICQ.
    4. ICQ File Share: Share your files over the internet with your online friends.
    5. ICQ MachineGun: Attack victim computer by ICQ.
    6. ICQ kit: Attack your victim with these tools.
    7. ICQr Information: Read and reveal personal information stored in Mirabilis ICQ Database (.DAT) files.
    8. PGP-ICQ: Encrypt your ICQ messages.
    9. SecureICQ: Allow you to encrypt messages you send and to decrypt encrypted messages you receive.
    10. Send It Agent: Send very large data in no time to the ICQ users.
    11. Source code about ICQ: Snoop ICQ traffic for a set host.


    1. G2kBIOSspoof: Spoof BIOS password for gateway pc’s simply.
    2. HookThis: Set a systemwide keyboard-hook.
    3. Hooker: Make intelligent trojan keylogger module.
    4. Invisible KeyLogger Stealth: Monitor computer activity to steal *** information invisibly.
    5. KeyGhost: Record keystrokes with tiny module that clips on to PC keyboard cable.
    6. KeySpy: Spy program as a keyboard logger and a PC remote controller.
    7. KeyTrap: Log keyboard *** effectively!.
    8. Keycopy: Keep a record of any keyboard activity on your computer.
    9. Keylog: Include keylog tools such as Keylogwn, Keylog95, Keylog5 and Keylog25, IKS12d-m.
    10. PC Acme: Monitor activity on PC and saves all information in the LOG files.
    11. PC Acme Pro: Monitor software on PC and saves all information in the LOG files.
    12. Phantom2: Record and playback a keystroke program for MS-DOS.
    13. Playback!: Record the complete task and then play it back with one keystroke.
    14. SKInNT: Monitoring program developed for Windows NT and Windows 2000.
    15. Skin: Monitors kit of Skin5pro, Skin98as, Skint5, and Skin5 Demo.
    16. Slog: Provide you with a log of what you have typed on your own computer for later review.


    1. Game Hack: Having Game Wizard 32 and CrackAid, two tools.
    2. HeadStrong WebClicker: Use public proxies to create artificial banner ad clicks.
    3. Linux_misc: Collect many Linux misc tools with some source files as TCFS, SILC, DDNSF, St Jude, FreeVSD.
    4. Misc: Include many misc of source codes and tools that can do such job as hijacking, monitoring, or interception, etc.
    5. Quick Socket: Allow you administrator to chat (via keyboard) directly to a remote user also running Quick Socket.
    6. Shutdown 2000: Disturb running application program.
    7. Windows_misc: Contain all kinds of Windows misc tools, especially Wat, Stealth Proxy, Outlook Header Exp, WebClicker2.0, Ap2.74, etc.

    Packet forging

    1. Netcat: Reading and writing data utility across network connections using TCP or UDP protocol.
    2. Packet_Forging: Include 21 files that are all used to create and send arbitrary packets on ethernet networks.
    3. Packet_tool: Having other five packing tools as tcpkill, packetx1, msmh, LibnetNT, arpinject in the kit.
    4. Pksnd102: Packing 16 files as Winpkt, Pktsend, Ndis3pkt, Dump, Dumy, Dis_pkt9 in it, among which are packed or executable files and source files of packet driver programs.
    5. Raw IP Packet Capture/Creation Utility: Allow you free reign to directly forge the packet in any way you so desire.
    6. Snot: Use snort rules files as its source of packet information.
    7. Winject: Inject packet for Windows 9x, also called drugs for Windows.

    Phreak tool

    1. Auto Dial: Help you to use a war dialer easily.
    2. Blue Dial: Make it easy to create and use different frequency settings for dialing.
    3. Boxtone: Create phone tones.
    4. CATCALL: Deal out a sentence from mildly annoying to downright galling.
    5. CHaoS DeViCe: Call random pagers, puts in a phone number, hangs up, and goes all over again.
    6. CPhreak: It is the first fone phreaking utility.
    7. Dialing Demon: Wardialer.
    8. Grim Scanner: Search for dial tones and carriers in the same call.
    9. No Carrier: Scan with Dos shell, graphics and more!.
    10. POCSAG Decoder: Allow the off-air decoding of POCSAG paging signals at 512, 1200 or 2400 bits/second.
    11. Pageit: Page a billion different pagers and put in one number, or Page ONE pager and put in a billion numbers!.
    12. PhoneTag: Check for starttime every second while it’s running.
    13. Phreak box: Construct and use phreak box.
    14. Super Dial: Call all of your town (or cities) phone numbers.
    15. THC-SCAN: Scan phone-number areas with your modem.
    16. The Little Operator: It is another wardialer.
    17. Tone Loc Utilities: It is also a wardialer.
    18. ToneLoc: Dials numbers, looking for some kind of tone with it.


    1. 7th Dimension Port Scanner: Scan your port address more easily.
    2. AB Complete Ping: Allow you to ping one or more IP addresses, to scan a network for shared resources and to scan a computer for open ports.
    3. Angry IP Scanner: Scan IP very easily and rapidly!.
    4. Dave’s Port Sniffer: Detect FTP, HTTP, POP, SMTP, TELNET and FINGER deamons running on any TCP host machine.
    5. DeadBolt: Monitor holes in Windows and alert you when it detects suspicious activity, giving you the power to stop viruses dead in their tracks!.
    6. Linux-Vuln-source: Carry the two scanner as Rnmap and VLAD ’s system security kit!.
    7. MacAnalysis: Audit suite for your Macintosh to perform and help implement a security standard for your computer/network by performing some work.
    8. NetBIOS Security Kit(unix): Perform various security checks on remote servers running NetBIOS file sharing services.
    9. NetBIOS Security Kit(windows): Perform various security checks on remote servers running NetBIOS file sharing services.
    10. Netmon: Monitor network connections.
    11. Nmap: Explore or security audit network on Linux or Unix.
    12. Port Invader: Scan a range or list of IP addresses to verify if there are open or closed ports.
    13. Port Scanner: Scan a group of IP address looking for the presence of specific incoming TCP/IP ports.
    14. PortScan: Scan port fast and configurably!.
    15. Port_Scanner: Collet 20 tools to use in port sacanner on Linux or Unix!.
    16. Portscan SMS Alert: Alert you when probed scandlogd logs information to syslog and invokes this shell script.
    17. Scanner: Collect 84 tools and misc to scan.
    18. SecureScan NX: Scan your distributed network architecture for vulnerabilities from one central location.
    19. SkPortScan ActiveX Control: Integrate port-scanning capabilities into your applications with this ActiveX control.
    20. THC-HappyBrowser: Check an NT-Server/Webserver for known vulnerabilities.
    21. THC-Probe: Scan compilation for Linux.
    22. THC-Scan: Automate tone, carrier, vmb scanning.
    23. WhereIsIP: Find the geographic location of chat room members, ICQ members, and more.
    24. Windows_Trojan_Scanner: Collect 6 little tools scanning whole networks to find well known Trojans.
    25. Windows_port_scanner: Collect 9 Port Scanner running on Windows.
    26. XSharez scanner: Scan, search and get specific resources for you.


    1. Blackbox for AOL: Monitor application for America Online, AIM, ICQ, and Yahoo Messenger.
    2. Colasoft Application Protocol Sniffer & Analyzer: It is a TCP/IP Network Sniffer & Analyzer program based on Windows system.
    3. Ethereal0814: Free network protocol analyzer’s another version.
    4. Ethereal0817: Analyze network protocol, another version of Ethereal.
    5. Ethereal0820: Analyze network protocol freely for Win32.
    6. Libpcap062: Needed for capturing packet to you as the packet capture library, the latest release of Libpcap.
    7. Linux_sniff_source: Contain 18 sniffer tools on Linux and some source files.
    8. LittleBrother: Allow supervisors to accurately manage and measure internet and network resource usage.
    9. NetProb32 Network Analyzer: Analyze, Monitor Traffic, and Generator Packet program.
    10. PacketX: Integrate winpcap packet capture functionality with VB or any other programming environment supporting Microsoft ActiveX technology.
    11. Phenoelit’s own security sniffer: Open a network interface for all packets and not only for these packets, which are send to this interface.
    12. Proxy Workbench: It is a unique proxy server ideal for developers, trainers and security experts that displays its data in real-time.
    13. Snarp: Allow the host to sniff the data from the wire.
    14. Sniff-em: Base on a competively priced, performance minded Windows as a Network analyzer.
    15. Sniffers: Having 34 files in it and among that are 28 sniffer tools and some source codes.
    16. Socket Workbench: Designed to analyze socket communications.
    17. Stealth Activity Recorder: Use newly and easily internet enabled tool for monitoring home and business PCs.
    18. Tcpdump362: Capture and dumper program pretty much for the original protocol packet.
    19. Windows_sniff: Facilitate the capture and visualization of network traffic kit of 5 tools and 1 source code files.
    20. Winpcap: Capture and send raw data from a network card, the free Packet Capture Architecture for Windows!.

    Snoop tool

    1. ID: Display the ID information of machine’s specific hardware.
    2. IPQuery: Show the current IP Address.
    3. NetroSnooper: Find hidden files on the internet!.
    4. Network Inventory: Provide network administrators with the ability to perform a software inventory on all machines located on a network.
    5. Quadsoft’s IP Tool: Tell you your IP Address in a variety of ways.
    6. ShellSPY: Track every process running on your PC.
    7. Trouble In Paradise: Install nothing but trouble your machine with some showing message.
    8. iNetTools for Windows: Collect menu-driven testing tools for internet and IP-based networks.

    Source code

    1. APG: Set for random password generation.
    2. ARP Monitor: Trace arp requests from/to your machine.
    3. Asm: Including msmh, inpect, GetDialPasswords, it is a kit.
    4. Backdoor: Includes 17 Backdoor tools in the kit with their source code.
    5. Blue Beep: Blue Beep is a wardialer, this includes its source code.
    6. C_SOURCE: Contain 4 files in it, and get the tools source code after decompress them.
    7. Emailcrk: Crack password of e-mail account.
    8. Findhost: Scan port on the net for you.
    9. Harvester: Contain the source of Harvester, which monitors remote web pages and FTP directories.
    10. IgmpNuke: Use IGMP packet tool’s source code.
    11. Jail Chroot Project: Build a chrooted environment on POSIX with source code of C.
    12. Keylogger_SRC: Include all the full source of Keylogger recording keystrokes.
    13. Misc_src: Misc source code of 10 tools.
    14. Network Grep: Mimick as much functionality in GNU grep as possible, applied at the network layer.
    15. Nutcracker: Check/crack password tool for Unix/Linux.
    16. PgpIcq: Encrypt your ICQ messages using the power of the world’s best encryption software.
    17. Portscanner: Scan a group of IP address.
    18. SecurityFocus ARIS Extractor: Analyze IDS log sophisticatedly and filter important attacks from the noise.
    19. ShareDecryption: Extract share passwords from registry.
    20. VB_SOURCE: Contain 14 files in it, and get the tools source code after decompress them.
    21. Wnuke4: This is the complete wnuke4 source file package.
    22. Zebedee: Secure IP tunnel tool’s source code!.


    1. Credit probe: Creates fake credit card numbers.
    2. HTTPort: Establish a transparent TCP/IP tunnel through a proxy server.
    3. IP Spoofer: Support IP spoofing software kit.
    4. Ircgspoofer: Spoofer software on IRC Ghost.
    5. Pinger: Trick your ISP into thinking you are always active.


    1. Virus_exe: Including six most typical executable virus programs.
    2. Virus_source: Containing many virus source codes in the package, this page will be devoted to Virii and Trojan’s, 89 files in all.


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    Confirmado. El rar está correcto, dentro del rar hay un jpg que hay que renombrar a iso, y por último lo quemas o lo montas por ej con el daemons.

    Lo he escaneado con el norton, y detecta 715 archivos infectados (desde virus, pasando por dialers, hasta troyanos), supongo que todos son ejemplos, pero manejadlo con cuidado!!!.

    Como curiosidad y ya sin demasiado interes... me ha caducado el norton, pero como soy como soy, no apunte el número que te da cuando lo registras, por lo que no puedo poner otro serial válido. ¿Alguien sabe como hacer para que te lo permita?. No lo pongo en post nuevo ya que no tiene demasiada importancia, ya que estoy esperando las vacaciones para dar el salto a linux.

    entendedme..... ¿¿¿¿Quien iba a imaginar que podía aguantar más de un año con windows instalado sin necesitar formatear????


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    Buen enlace. ¿Tiene que ver algo con el libro Hacking Etico?

    PD: lo del norton busca un keygen en redes P2P acordandote de que tienes que desconectarte de internet para ponerlo.

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    clarinetista, no te lo puedo asegurar por que no he tenido tiempo para revisarlo demasiado, pero parece que es un curso en el que toca bastantes temas (no se a que profundidad lo tratará).

    PD: el keygen lo tengo, pero genera una licencia para un año. Cuando pones el código te devuelve un número que con ese número puedes ir ampliando la licencia, ahora no tengo ese número y no me da la opcion de poner un serial nuevo, no se si me explico.


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    desisntala el norton, borra los registro a mano, y lo reinstalas y pones el serial del keygen.
    Más sabe el diablo por viejo que por diablo.

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    Parece algo jugoso, ya esta bajando y listo para incarle el diente
    Aunque en ingles... va acostar un poco mas ponerse. Una vez que lo hayamos leido y probado, se podria empezar una traduccion ^_^
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    Parece algo jugoso, ya esta bajando y listo para incarle el diente
    Aunque en ingles... va acostar un poco mas ponerse. Una vez que lo hayamos leido y probado, se podria empezar una traduccion ^_^
    Bueno, en cuanto acabe de bajarmelo, si el nivel no es demasiado alto, me comprometo a ponerme :P
    He estado mirando....... el indice XD. Todavía no he tenido tiempo (se supone que estoy currando), y en el indice hablan de un webo de libros (supuestamente incluidos), creo sinceramente que será mas facil aprender un inglés fluido que conseguir traducir todo eso, jejeje


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    Cita Iniciado por R3D5KULL
    desisntala el norton, borra los registro a mano, y lo reinstalas y pones el serial del keygen.
    Me he imaginado que tendría que hacer eso, pero la verdad, me caducó ayer, y en menos de una semana lo formateo y meto Ubuntu, por lo que de momento esta "practicamente" protegido y solo estará así mientras saco tiempo para salvar todo el contenido que quiero migrar (musica y programas/juegos que estan a punto de descargarse)

    Gracias por vuestra ayuda


  10. #10  
    Fecha de ingreso
    Jul 2006
    A alguien le ha funcionado los links ultimamente? entro a la pag pero no lo puedo descargar :/

  11. #11  
    Fecha de ingreso
    Jun 2006
    Cita Iniciado por tapax
    A alguien le ha funcionado los links ultimamente? entro a la pag pero no lo puedo descargar :/
    ¿Que enlaces te fallan?, he probado los primeros y siguen activos.

    El sistema ha cambiado, ahora tienes que introducir las letras que te aparecen como una imagen antes de descargar.


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