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11-02-2003, 16:25
Mitnick's Company Website Gets Defaced

Kevin Mitnick, possibly the world's famous hacker, has received a "warm" welcome for his return to the wired world. Just two weeks after he has reconnected himself to the Internet, a group called Bugbear defaced his company's web site (Defensive Thinking).

As can be seen here:

Kevin Metnick's web site has been defaced, and its default web page replaced with the following message:
"welcome back to freedom mr.kevin ;)

BugBear is trying to tell u have forget to secure your box, it was fun and easy to break into your box ;)."

Some might see this as proof that any site can be hacked if enough motivation is present. In our opinion, it proves that security experts should not be sloppy when it comes to securing their own "fortress".

Fuente: http://www.security-protocols.com/article.php?sid=1437&mode=thread&order=0

11-02-2003, 20:17
Juas, menudo golpe bajo para el amigo xD

11-02-2003, 21:08
Más info aquí: http://www.informationweek.com/story/IWK20030210S0006


11-02-2003, 21:34
Jeje mejor bienvenida no le pudieron dar a Mr. mitnick, se ha de sentir muy contento de estar en libertad otra vez.