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10-09-2014, 11:37
CCCP Shell

CCCPShell is a PHP Shell written from scratch in my spare time.

You will find in this shell:

- Pure javascript (sessionStorage, serialize, ajax, append, remove, empty, change sort table order and dialogs modals)
- PHP zip with php code
- Full DB explorer (mysql, mssql, pgsql, oracle, sqlite, sqlite3, odbc and pdo)
- 21 icons for use in 94 file types
- CSS3
- Easy to translate to another language via tText function WIP
- All the standard shell stuff
- Encrypted comunication (first phpshell in the world???)

All tools:

- Filemanager [+]Copy/paste (recursive) [+]In memory compress and download (recursive) [+]Delete (recursive) [+]Create file/folder [+]Fast view folder size/count objets [+]Fast file rename [+]Fast chmod [+]Fast change filedate [+]Create file/folder [!]View file information [+]Full Path [+]Size [+]MD5 [+]Chmod/Chown [+]Create time [+]Access time [+]Modify time
[+]Hexdump preview/full [+]Highlight code [+]File Content [!]Edit [+]Change filetime [+]File Name [+]Change content
- Procs [+]Process viewer/info [+]Process killer
- SQL [+]Database explorer [+]Execute SQL code
- Info [+]Server info [+]PHP Info [+]Custom functions check
- External Connect [+]Back Connect [+]Bind Shell
- Execute [+]Eval PHP code [+]Execute (exec, shell_exec, system, passthru, popen and proc_open)
- Self remove


https://camo.githubusercontent.com/abd803e058e4871487182f43cd2499836d55e847/687474703a2f2f6935392e74696e797069632e636f6d2f6663 327a32762e6a7067
https://camo.githubusercontent.com/80d89ad3756c1bb35ba9b15c94226b4e634ea1a9/687474703a2f2f6935392e74696e797069632e636f6d2f3269 6b776d6d612e6a7067
https://camo.githubusercontent.com/10f9d56bd60ce7f4f70528a280c8f550f040e745/687474703a2f2f6936322e74696e797069632e636f6d2f327a 35353363382e6a7067
https://camo.githubusercontent.com/89d2f66a1eab0ae8998897fc893f5b567fc7e7c9/687474703a2f2f6936302e74696e797069632e636f6d2f726c 7a316f6c2e6a7067

GITHUB (https://github.com/xchwarze/CCCPShell)
Author: DSR! (Indetectables.net Administrator)